Enabling technologies for smarter enterprise environments
Invited talk for “Nexus: Spatial World Models for Mobile Context-Aware Applications”, University of Stuttgart, Germany, May 5, 2010.
Middleware support for the "Internet of Things" (1.1MB, zipped PDF)
Held at the 5. GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch "Drahtlose Sensornetze", Universität Stuttgart, 17.-18. Juli 2006.
An overlay network for resource discovery in Grids (709kB, PDF)
Invited talk at the Second International Workshop on Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing Impacts on Large Scale Heterogeneous Distributed Database Systems (GLOBE'05), in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2005), 22 - 26 August, 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Beyond "web of trust": Enabling P2P E-commerce (108kB, PDF)
Held at the IEEE Conference on Electronic Commerce (CEC'03), June 24-27 2003, Newport Beach, California, USA.
PIX-Grid: A Platform for P2P Photo Exchange (117kB, PDF)
Held at Ubiquitous Mobile Information and Collaboration Systems (UMICS 2003), Klagenfurt/Velden, Austria, 16-17 June, 2003. Collocated with CAiSE'03
The P-Grid Peer-to-Peer System (386kB, PDF)
Held at the Software Research Lab, University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, June 6, 2002
The Minstrel Push System (1.5MB, zipped PDF)
Held at the Distributed Information Systems Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland, March 6, 2001
A Phase Model for E-Commerce Business Models and its Application to Security Assessment (190kB, PDF)
Held at the 34th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Maui, Hawaii, January 3-6, 2001
Getting what you want from the Web without working for it (330kB, zipped PDF)
Held at the Software Developement Village (Ifabo 2000)
The Minstrel Push System
Held at the 7th SIMOS Workshop on Multimedia in Broadcast Networks, 28-29 June 1999, Santorini, Greece.