Unfortunately, everything here - except for my photograph - is rather outdated. At the moment I simply lack the time to maintain the website. Please see Google Scholar for my papers which are highly cited and a nearly complete list of all of my publications maintained by DBLP.

I am the managing director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) and a full professor for Open Distributed Systems at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin).  Previously, I was Vice-Director of the  Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) for 8 years and a stream leader in INSIGHT, the Irish National Data Analytics Centre.

My research interests are: 

  • Linked Data streams
  • Semantic sensor networks
  • Sensor networks middleware
  • Large-scale semantics-enabled distributed information systems and applications
  • Peer-to-peer systems
  • Internet of things
  • Self-organization and self-management
  • Service-oriented architectures
  • Distributed systems security

My research is focused around connecting the physical and virtual worlds (you may call this Cyber-Physical Systems or Internet of Things or Internet of Everything or Physical-Cyber-Social-Computing or <insert your favorite marketing term here>). The goal is to enable simple access to data irrespective of their source (sensors, embedded systems, Web, Semantic Web, Linked Data, social media, e.g., Twitter, etc.) and scalable management of this data using a single access abstraction (REST) and a single data model (Linked Data).

Specifically, this targets the efficient access and management of dynamic and static data ("Linked Streams"), data management in the Cloud to enable scalability, semantic descriptions of all data sources and data to enable self-organization and plug-and-play deployments, and platforms and development tools to facilitate analytics and decision-making.

A key design goal is to combine distributed computing (filter and process close to the source) with centralized approaches (Cloud) and let the user decide based on application-specific requirements how this combination should look like (choosing the individual "sweet spot" on a continuous scale from completely decentralized via various decentralized-centralized combinations to completely centralized). My assumption is that the decentralized-centralized combinations will be dominant to achieve properties such as scalability, robustness, and privacy at the same time. This work combines my research on Linked Data, sensor networks, semantics, and distributed systems.

Some results from this work are infrastructures to efficiently process Linked Streams (CQELS, CQELS Cloud) which is  nicely demonstrated by the Graph of Things, previously called Linked Stream Middleware.

You may also be interested to try out our Global Sensor Networks (GSN) middleware for zero-programming deployment of sensor networks.

A main result of older work in distributed information systems is the P-Grid peer-to-peer system.

Google Scholar gives an idea which of my papers are highly cited. Another list of publications is maintained by DBLP.

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